How To Pick A 5-Gallon Water Dispenser

The location of the 5-gallon water dispenser is well-known in offices as this is the place where employees meet to have a conversation. It has also become an essential household appliance for many families.

Why? You never know when you may lose access to clean drinking water. Some factors like an extended power shortage, broken pipes, damaged appliances, and pollutants can force this situation. They are also just convenient. A dispenser will make cool, clean water instantly available in any room in your home or office.

Also, if you live in an area with poor or questionable water quality, a water dispenser may be a cheaper option than installing a powerful water filter on ever faucet you might want to drink from.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best 5-gallon water dispenser for you.

Water Cooler Or Water Dispenser?

The first thing you need to decide is whether you need a water cooler or a water dispenser.

You can think of the dispenser as a minimalistic device. In most cases, they can’t heat or cool the water, nor do they require electricity to run.

A cooler uses electricity to heat and cool your water. Before you narrow down on which brand of cooler to purchase, make sure you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it possible to disconnect the cooler from its water supply and use it as a standalone device?
  • Can it run without electricity?

As you may need a cooler during an emergency, it’s essential to know the answers to these questions. Also, when you pick up a cooler, your electricity bill will rise due to the increase in power consumption.

What Is Your Budget For A Water Dispenser?

Once you know what type of efficient appliance you require for your house, the next step is to determine your budget.

Should you go for cheap models or save a bit and pick up the expensive variants?

Lower-end dispensers often use cheap materials to save on costs. They break easily. Also, there’s always the chance of these materials contaminating your drinking water. On the other end of the spectrum, expensive options offer a variety of features. However, this doesn’t mean the quality is the same across the board.

Pick a budget and start looking for 5-gallon water dispensers. Go through their specifications and reviews. Make a list of 3-5 dispensers that meet your requirements.

What Features Do You Get With The 5-gallon Water Dispenser?

You must look at all the features of the 5-gallon water dispenser. Some appliances come with a filter to remove sediments and small particles.

Is there enough space to place your water bottle and refill it easily?

Can you remove the drip tray? Over time, they become dirty and require cleaning.

Does the 5-gallon water dispenser come with child locks? If you have children at home, this is an essential feature.

No one wants to deal with a floor full of water.

You should check the stability of the dispenser. Children may push these appliances accidentally, damaging them.

Also, if you have pets at home, you should consider them. For example, will the water dispenser break when a dog takes a bite or a cat scratches it?

Some water dispensers come with pet-friendly features.

Where Will You Place The 5-gallon Water Dispenser?

5-gallon water dispensers take up significant amounts of space. You don’t want to bring it home only to find out you can’t keep it anywhere convenient.

Check out the dimensions of the water dispensers. If you have a measuring tape, use it to see where you can put the appliance.

Android and iOS devices also have Augmented Reality (AR) apps. They use your smartphone’s camera to make measurements.

How Will You Refill The 5-gallon Water Dispenser?

Lifting 5 gallons of water is no joke. If you aren’t careful, you can injure yourself, especially your back.

Find out how to refill the 5-gallon water dispensers on your list. If you live alone, look for appliances where you can restock water from the top. There are also options where you can refill it from the bottom.

You won’t have to strain your back to refill these dispensers.

How To Maintain The Water Dispenser?

One thing you should never forget to ask while buying a 5-gallon water dispenser — what is its maintenance procedure?

Sometimes, people realize they can’t afford the appliance after a year or so upon finding out the cost to replace the filter.

Also, how do you clean the dispenser? Do you have to lift it?

If it’s a lot of work to keep this appliance in a good condition find out if the manufacturer provides maintenance service. You’ll have to factor this into your budget.

These six questions will help you determine the best 5-gallon water dispenser for your household. Do you have more questions regarding picking the right appliance for your needs? Let us know by leaving a comment below.