Is My Water Filter Working?

A common quote reads, “A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man”. Yes, many of us know the worth of water. We also know how important is it to drink clean, filtered water — this is why we use a water filter in our homes. But, that leads to the very common question question, “Is my water filter working?”

This is the right time to ensure your filter it is functioning rightly.

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If you suspect your water filter isn’t working there are a few actions you can take. The first is to order a water test and know for sure. The second is to look for signs that the filter isn’t working and then assume it’s not if you confirm these signals. You can then err on the safe side and replace the filter.

How To Test Your Water Filter

The most effective method you can follow to find the answer to the question “is my water filter working?” is to test the water prior to and immediately after a filter in installed. This testing is commonly referred to as “Performance Testing.” The reason is that it evaluates the efficiency of your filter. The evaluation will be to know whether it gets rid of or reduces impurities and contaminants that pass through it.

When you have planned to do performance testing in your water filter, you can do it in a couple of ways. One of them is to do a full performance test and the other is to carry out a post-treatment test.

Performance Testing vs. Post-Treatment Testing

A full performance test will judge the effectiveness of your filter. This judging will happen by comparing the levels of contaminants before and after filtration. A good filter will show considerable reductions in key parameters. Most importantly, it should happen without the entry or emergence of new contaminants into the treated water. This method will tell you how effectively your filter works.

The post-treatment test will judge the quality of filtered water. The reason is that it will evaluate the water only after it passes through the water filter. As two water samples are to be tested in the full performance test, it will cost you more than compared to the other method.

Home Water Testing

Are you thinking is it possible to find an answer to the question is my water filter working at home? Yes, this is possible. But, you will have to order a testing kit to carry out the test. Different types of water systems exist, and you’ll want to order your test for the appropriate water type…

  • Public utility water
  • City water
  • Private well water

The thing to remember here is that each test will measure different contaminants. So, it is you, who will have to judge the test that will weigh the effectiveness of your filter. You can decide on this based on the contaminants it removes regularly.

Indicators Of A Water Filter That Isn’t Working

Some signs of a filter that isn’t working properly are…

  • The water tastes, looks, or smells off
  • The filter is expired. Most filters are good for only 6 or so months, you’ll want to replace them after this point
  • The filter is leaking or cracked
  • You see mold growing in or around the filter
  • Your water pressure has fallen significantly. This means the filter is “full” and is no longer filtering as effective as it once did. If your water was very dirty or hard for a time a filter can fill well ahead of it’s expected lifespan

If you see any of these signs then it’s a safe bet that you need to replace your water filter.

Tip: It’s worth either registering your filter with the manufacturer or occasionally checking out if your water filter has been subject to a product recall in order to ensure it is working properly. Water filter recalls are not common, but they aren’t unheard of, so in order to make sure your working, you can start by ensuring that it was designed well enough to work!

When To Test Water

Irrespective of the method of testing you wish to carry out in your water filter, it is better to carry out the test immediately after installing a new filter and running it for at least 10 minutes. Otherwise, you can do it shortly after cleaning your water filter. The reason is that only then you can get the right performance data of your water filter. With weeks or months pass by, the performance of your filter will degrade. But, do you wish to evaluate your filter’s performance over time? Then, you can collect water after the filter functions for weeks or months together.

To know the performance of your water filter, you will have to follow the testing instruction given in the water kit. Stay healthy and ensure the safety of your family members by knowing whether the water filter in your home performs at its best!

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